What is Edonix?

Edonix is a cloud based video conferencing solution tweaked exclusively for providing education. With Edonix, Educational Instituions can offer their courses online from their premises. Students can log on to their classrooms online. No more costly and time consuming travelling for students to reach and learn courses.

Regular Features

Edonix is a complete suit of software solution for Educational Institutions to offer their courses online to students anywhere in the world. It has an administration system to manage students and teachers, organise courses, sessions, timings etc. Teachers and students will meet online and engage in real time live interactive classrooms. Upto fifty students can participate in each classroom session. Teacher can manage interaction, chat and audio video communication.

Advanced Features

Edonix has digital writing boards, slide presentation and video show. All these come with digital writing tools and markers. Desktop activity can be stored. Even the whole classroom session can be recorded by the teacher for future reference.


Edonix helps Educational Institutions to reach out to a larger number of students without incurring any additional infrastructure investments. Even teachers need not come to the institutions to offer classes. Since the solution is available online, Teachers can log online and teach from wherever they are; while the Institution retains the entire control.

Students find it most convenient to get quality teachers of their favourable Institutions right at their place of being. No travel and time waste.

Parents find it interesting since their wards utilize quality time with modern learning techniques

Educational Institutions with multiple branches find it useful to offer the service of a good teacher in one branch to the other. The solution allows to stream the class through a projector which can be made available in another classroom. Educational Institutions with many branches or franchisees can stream live classroom sessions to many such centers. Excellent Teachers will be available all across the centers simultaneously!

How it works

Edonix is a combination of two different software solutions. One is the audio, video based Classroom application with its writing boards and other presentation tools. The other is an administraion software which is used for enlisting students and teachers with their course lists and schedules. Various sessions can be scheduled with any combination of teachers and their students based on their courses.

The entire control of the activities through its administration system, Edonix helps Educational Institutions to manage various classroom sessions and individual sessions with ease. Educational Institutions can decide whether they need to offer individual coaching or Classroom sessions or both together. All these decisions can be incorporated with the administration system.

The Classroom Application supports all such commands from the Administration system. Depending on the confugurations in the Administration system, the Classroom Application filters teachers, students and courses. It allows only authorised users and adhears to any time restrictions fixed by the administration software.

How users and sessions managed

Educational Institutions subscribe to Edonix by buying certain packages. An administrator account will be created for Educational Institution. With this account, the administrator can log in and add Teachers and Students. Administrator account is the super log in and is used for creating courses and sessions. Administrator can create user names and passwords for all teachers and students thereby enabling them to log in to the system themselves. Administrator can restrict usage time, sessions, timings etc to ensure that online activities are according to his management plan.

For Whom?

About Us

Edonix is developed by Edyounet TeleClassrooms Limited, a Kochi (Kerala, India) based ISO 9001-2008 certified software company who specialises in deploying e-tutoring solutions for education institutions.

Edyounet TeleClassrooms Ltd initially rolled out a concept called 'TeleClassrooms', a distance learning digital classroom set up in colleges and schools to impart quality training. TeleClassroom is a traditional classroom with a large LCD screen with its allied computer and other gadgets. The LCD Screen streams live, interactive lecture sessions conducted from a TeleStudio set up in a City. TeleClassrooms help to stream quality education courses from cities to remote colleges/schools.

Edyounet TeleClassrooms Limited is incorporated in 2012 in Kochi, Kerala, India. In addition to the TeleClassroom network and Edonix, Edyounet also deploys cloud based interactive classroom solutions for Corporate Training Purpose, namely, Streampax InterAct. Edyounet's e-tutoring solution, Tutormine links independant home tutors to discerning students across the world.

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